The best finds of the week in men’s fashion sales

Shopping smart in sales is easier said than done. Over the past few years, even the best of us have blindly added to our shopping carts just to keep our purchases dormant in our closets for barely more than one outing (typing this while eagerly staring at an impulse buy of a floppy hat, which never really went on to make me a hat wearer). That said, if you know what you’re looking for, the best menswear sales can provide ample opportunity to create a comprehensive capsule that will keep you stylish in the coming year.

The key is not to get caught up in trends. These bolder pieces may have appeared on your wish list in the first few months, but they’ve found their way into the bargain bin for good reason. Instead, you can search for layered classics, must-have accessories and stalwart elements like solid button-down shirts and peplum silhouettes.

And, at the risk of sounding like a real estate agent, a little foresight can go a long way in telling you to look at the “potential” of two-ups and two-downs that would otherwise fall apart. Generally speaking, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a pair of swim trunks you really want to wear at a men’s sale in the middle of summer, but come December, you might get lucky. At this time of year, the same tends to apply to shorts, bowling shirts and sunglasses.

The best men’s sales to shop

Many of our favorite online shopping destinations are now running sales, or at least adding products to their ongoing archived sales. Here is GQ’s final list of shopping highlights.