The best belt to enhance the style of your pants

Not only is a men’s belt a must-have to hold your pants in place, it’s also an accessory that can add subtle personality to any outfit. Paired with a pair of drawstring pants, it will actually become the unguarded star of your look (literally in any photo of James Dean). The classic is made of leather with silver or gold metallic accessories, and every man should own at least two (one black, one brown).

Then there are the increasingly popular mesh belts, not to mention the airplane buckle style belts that Dior’s Kim Jones steps into. The one thing to remember when belting with denim? As long as your jeans are blue and not black, always choose brown for your belt and opt for softer leathers and suedes rather than shinier finishes. Wearing black jeans? A black belt will be your new best friend.

Men’s belts come in many styles, but at GQ, we know a good one when we see one. Here, we’ve gathered the best help to help you find your next waist harness.

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This Elmont belt from Reiss comes in a chocolate brown color with silver detailing that looks almost edible. With its woven construction, this belt adds some texture to your look without taking the attention away from the whole. This belt means balance, and that should not be underestimated when pairing it with an outfit.


How best to add some designer style to your “fit” right away? Embellish the waist with a splash of Gucci green and red webbing stripes. As affordable as Gucci accessories, this belt takes chinos of all colors to new heights with its vibrant colors.


Known for infusing his signature Italian style into closet essentials, Salvatore Ferragmo focuses on creating casual pieces with a sophisticated and luxurious twist. A fitting example: this belt and its Gancini signature graphic buckle pay homage to the logomania trend of years past, while maintaining a sophisticated overall look thanks to its black leather construction.