The Best Jump Ropes to Make Your Workout More Rigorous

jump rope? jump rope? Whatever you call it, this classic playground pastime is making a comeback. Skipping rope is already a familiar fixture in the gym, helping fighters develop coordination and footwork, while having many benefits outside of training.

Spend some time indoors or outdoors using skipping rope as a low-impact alternative to running when you need to get your heart pumping. It’s also a way to spend some precious time working your upper and lower body. Whether you’re jumping on the parallel bars or warming up, this workout tool can add surprising value and variety to your training.

Skipping ropes are now more well-constructed, and even if you only use them regularly for a short period of time, you can go farther. They can even be adjusted to give the arms a tougher workout, while some are able to keep track of how many jumps you’ve done in a session.

So put on your gym shoes, learn how to find good ropes, and choose the ropes that work for you from our selection.

Jump Rope: Indoor or Outdoor?
All ropes are good for indoor use, but when you’re out and about jumping on surfaces like concrete, you’ll need to look for a rope that’s better at hitting harder surfaces. Ropes for extra protection for outdoor use are available in durable materials such as stainless steel, making them more suitable for frequent impacts with the ground.

What is the best rope for high speed jumps?
For beginners, this is most likely not an immediate problem, but if you feel confident in mastering a quick jump, there are ropes that are better designed to pick up the pace. Look for cords that use a ball bearing mechanism to connect the handle to the cord. These ropes are better designed to provide a smoother, more stable spin when you want to maintain jump rope speed.

Should I buy weighted jump ropes?
Weighted jump ropes are designed to give the arms a bigger workout if you like the idea of ​​developing some upper body strength as well as getting your lower body moving. This is usually provided by a rope that lets you place weights inside the handle for added resistance. You can also opt for thicker ropes, which may have more in common with the kind of battle ropes you find in the gym.


Another option for boxers looking to exercise their feet, Beast Gear’s ropes use long aluminum handles with grooves to help you get a good grip on them. Ball bearings are used to provide smooth movement and help you maintain control over those jumps. The rope is three meters long and can be adjusted in length with the included tool.£19.97. At


This stylish all-black jump rope combines economy with solid build quality, thanks to a CNC machined aluminum handle that makes it lightweight and durable, and a ball bearing spool for a tangle-free jump rope experience. Its PVC-coated three-meter cable should last for many years, and its length can be easily adjusted with just a few screws.£12.95. At


Called speed, it’s speed, Nike’s minimalist jump rope features high-density, narrow-gauge plastic rope for quick spin and a metal bushing for smoother movement and greater range of motion. The length of the rope can also be adjusted according to your height, making it ideal for sharing with fitness buddies. £17.99. At At Argos.