How to Style and Care for Your Hair During a Heat Wave

Despite the sunshine, heat waves present more obstacles to a man’s hairline than the milder climates we’re used to. From damaging UV rays to frizz-inducing moisture, the regular styling products you’re used to when the temperature rises into your 20s or higher may not be right for you.

For many men, the answer to not being able to manage their hair during the summer is a simple case of opting for a shorter hairstyle from June to September. Not only do short haircuts look like cooler hairstyles a man can have, but they’re also relatively low-maintenance and don’t require meticulous grooming when your hair and scalp condition suffers from warmer weather.

That said, we found that shorter “haircuts” have limitations. So we brought in the expertise of Ruffians hairdresser Betty Lingwood to make some clever tweaks when washing, drying and styling men’s hair to keep your lids looking flawless and manageable.

What causes hair to frizz in hot, humid weather?

“In warm weather, hair frizzes because excess moisture gets into the strands and binds to the proteins inside,” says Ringwood. “People with curly hair tend to be more prone to frizz – hence the famous ‘Friends’ scene when Monica lands in damp Barbados. If you know the plot in question, you’ll be glad to know that she recommends not Braids decorated with shells.” To prevent it, you’ll need a setting spray or matte clay. These create a barrier on top of the hair so that moisture cannot find its way in. ”

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