Why Sam Asghari’s Patek Philippe Aquanaut is the ultimate wedding watch

In fairy tales, happy endings don’t come much happier than the wedding of Britney Spears to 28-year-old Iranian-American Sam Asghari. The couple, who met when the actor and fitness expert played Spears’ favorite video for the 2016 song “Slumber Party,” held a small ceremony at their secluded Thousand Oaks, California, home this weekend. While traditionally all eyes are on the bride’s big day, let’s take a moment to look at the groom’s wrist candy.

People often buy watches to mark important moments in their lives, and what could be more important than marrying Britney Spears? And for the big day, Asgahri chose the Patek Philippe Aquanaut watch with a navy blue dial and matching navy blue rubber strap. This is perhaps the sportiest and most versatile of the Patek Philippe collection, developed to appeal to the tastes of a younger, more casual-minded generation of collectors. Think of it as the entry drug into the world of Patek Philippe and the younger, cooler, more important cousin of the Nautilus. In fact, both watches share similar vintage nautical design cues, with both cases inspired by the porthole of a large ship.

You can happily jump off the back of a yacht, swim ashore, and then don a tuxedo for a red carpet event while wearing the Aquanaut. its peel-off porthole design and rubber strap give it a tough and functional look, while the nail pattern of the sleek navy dial, combined with the satin brushed finish and slim profile of the watch adds to the sense of glamour and sophistication. Aquanaut straddles the line between a sturdy sports watch and an elegant dress watch. Given his fitness background and newfound celebrity status, he’ll be wearing tuxedos and suits as well as lycra, the Aquanaut’s versatility is a perfect match for Asghari’s lifestyle. You can see in the wedding photos posted on Instagram how great the clean lines of a smart tuxedo look, which traditionally requires a classic formal watch such as a Patek Philippe Calatrava or Cartier Tank on a black leather strap. The Aquanaut shows that you don’t have to be too conventional.

The Aquanaut is increasingly becoming the timepiece of choice for the rich and famous, with James Corden, Ellen DeGeneres and Paul McCartney all having been spotted wearing the watch. Whether it will ever reach the legendary status of the Nautilus remains to be seen, but if you have the money, at least it’s easy to buy one. What’s that old adage about weddings? Out with the old, in with the new, in with the borrowed, in with the blue. Sam Asghari sets the brief.