This summer, let Michael B Jordan teach you the power of a shirt

It takes a killer outfit to grab our attention at the GQ office. While all the parties on July 4 showcased strong looks from the likes of Jay-Z, Jay Tatum and Odelle Beckham Jr, actor Michael B Jordan may have just made zero effort by virtue of seemingly being there.

How about that, you ask? A square quilted Cuban collar shirt from the subtle and sustainable New York label Bode. It’s a real piece of resistance – paired with high-waisted white pants, a pectoral-hugging white tank top, and an understated combination of antique gold Rolex and chain. Nothing of note here, it made the 35-year-old actor stand out from a sea of white at Nobu Miami’s Bootsy Bellow Independence Day party.

But that’s the power of Bode. The brand’s one-of-a-kind pieces feature folkloric embroidery, rustic aesthetics and fine tailoring that strike a magical balance between sartorial design and approachable high fashion: they’re comfortable to wear, effortless, beautiful and always stand out from anything else currently available in menswear. That’s why Bode counts fashion “It” boys Harry Styles, Lakeith Stanfield and Evan Mock among its fans (and us, of course).

If you want to know how to balance flash-in-the-pan fashion with timeless style, Michael B Jordan is a walking masterpiece. We could dedicate our entire best-dressed list to the 35-year-old, but for now, enjoy this.

Enter the Boulder? Throw on one of the shirts below and give yourself a dose of the good stuff.