The best men’s wallets for every budget

For something that a man uses almost every day, a wallet is rarely considered for purchase. Most men either own a worn out wallet that was given to them as a gift years ago, or will own a new wallet that they have to impulse buy when said model falls apart. It is rarely a well thought out purchase and therefore rarely really fits the purpose.

But what’s the point of spending a lot of time picking out the right pants if you’re not going to spend the same amount of time and consideration on accessories that get more use in your back pocket?

Gentlemen, it’s time to evolve – it’s time to find the right wallet for your consumer needs. There are four main tribes in the wallet world, each with very specific requirements for their currency carriers, depending on how you like to settle your bills, plus a newcomer. Take a look at our breakdown of these tribes below and browse some of the best wallets for each tribe.

1. Cashless conversion
Whether you’re looking to build the wallet of the future for the cashless economy or don’t want to ruin your blazer collection, the cardholder is definitely the way to go for the man who only carries plastic.

2. ATM Addict
Wallet, as the Americans say, for someone who still likes to carry around a bill or two just in case (or just likes to pay for things with piles of paper money, we can appreciate that). You have two main choices here: a traditional wallet with a pouch for sliding notes into, or a more modern interpretation with a clip in the center. Either way, it’ll keep those 50s folks fresh for their next night out.

3. Change the carrier
Maybe you always need coins to get to the parking lot, or maybe you’re always worried about tipping without change. If you’re committed to minting coins and don’t want to carry them around in your pocket on the street, then you need something that comes standard with a coin pouch. Now, one of the most stylish has a zipper on the side to prevent anything from spilling out, but if you want something different, there is now a new generation of leather coin purses that can be clipped to your belt loop with a chain.

4. Traveler
If you’re the kind of person whose other car is an airplane, you need a wallet that serves both functions. A travel wallet is the exact opposite of a cardholder, combining a cardholder, multiple cash sleeves and a boarding pass section (if you’re still addicted to paper). If you want to carry it in an inside pocket, we recommend one of the slimmer versions. If you carry a bag with you (or prefer to carry it with you to be notified immediately when you receive all your documents), choose a bag with a zipper so it doesn’t accidentally fall out during check-in.

5. Show off
In recent seasons, corded purses have become a standout accessory for brands ranging from Jacquemus to Dolce & Gabbana. Wear them around your neck or attach them to the belt loops of your jeans, and your purse won’t just be a practical tool for carrying your cards, but a statement that elevates your outfit. Just be careful where you wear it – it looks pretty, but you’re actually asking to be robbed.

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Handmade in England, Bennett Winch specializes in timeless accessories for the discerning minimalist. In the spirit that if you buy well, you only need to buy once, this is something to cherish for years to come, made of richly colored and textured Tuscan leather that holds eight cards and plenty of other items. Inside, the logo is subtly embossed, a reminder of its quality every time you open it.


Dunhill’s Cadogan card holder is a natural classic for its brand of refined elegance, especially in its leather pouches and accessories. The full-grain leather feels luxurious and expensive, while the six card slots and a cash-friendly central compartment should be more than adequate for everyday spending habits.


Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry has evolved and its renewed sense of confidence is reflected in its return to the iconic brand model and the creation of new ones. Printed in the brand’s signature vintage check and Archive beige hue, this bi-fold wallet holds up to eight cards, bills and as much change as possible.